Fishing the tiny River Medlock and beyond

Fishing the tiny River Medlock and beyond

Sunday, 20 February 2011

Early morning on the river

I was up at 6am this morning to try the river early morning. In truth it was the only way I could get out today as I was committed to a shopping trip in Manchester and an appointment with Jack Wills (teenagers will understand). A brisk walk down the valley from Littlemoss soon brought me to my senses at this unsociable hour. I only had until 11.30am so I needed to head to a spot with two or three close swims, so I could rotate between them after catching (positive thinking). The river was tinged with a muddy brown colour after the week rain but was clearing and was dropping to its normal level.
I tackled a couple of the swims, and after a bite less hour settled on the swim pictured above. this river never ceases to amaze me, and after a few casts I hooked a fish which was fighting like nothing I had hooked before in the Medlock. It took me several minutes to even see the fish. A prolonged battle ensued, and on fine lines I knew I had to tire this fish out rather than bully it. When it came into view I realised I had hooked a large brownie which was in no hurry to see daylight. It seemed an age before I slipped the net under a personal best trout.
I managed to catch a couple of smaller trout from a tiny swim that I had never considered before, both burying the float, quite unlike the earlier specimen. The swim is pictured below.

 Not bad for a cold winter morning, and a few leftover maggots from Thursday. No chub today unusually, which was my main aim. However I did lose a large fish at the end of the session which felt a little more sluggish than the trout. Not a bad morning's work in my book. This river has got right under my skin. I don't know what I am going to do when the season ends, I will have to dust off my pole and seat box.
There is still a few weeks to go until then though so back to this week and I should be out on Tuesday, though I am fancying the River Tame for a change. I plan to attend the Salford Friendly Anglers meeting on Tuesday evening so I won't be travelling far. Looking forward to this meeting, and learning more about Manchester's rivers. Off to Eastlands on Thursday as well to catch up with the blues in their European campaign. Lots to look forward to.


  1. Often wondered what that river was!! Passed it many times as I drive to Bradford from Northenden. Now I know :-) Is it free fishing? or do any clubs own it? Other than trout and chub, what else can I expect in it?

    Clicked through from Mike's Fishing Fiend. (Twas my son that caught that big brown in the Mersey)

    I dont have a blog yet, but feel free to add me on facebook!

    Nice trout by the way, glad it gave you a fight... my son's beast rolled in like a sack of spuds

  2. And a monster that trout was too! No clubs on the river, but the river is very streamy, and the swims are spread out. Be prepared to cover some ground Chris.

  3. Cheers, Will give it a go soon! Can you recommend anywhere decent to park the car?

  4. There is parking near every stretch. There is a car park by the Medlock valley fishery. Also the Bay horse pub.