Fishing the tiny River Medlock and beyond

Fishing the tiny River Medlock and beyond

Tuesday, 1 May 2012

An afternoon in Beswick

Following the previous evenings festivities at the Etihad I decided I couldn't keep away from the place. Nursing the remnants of a hangover I dropped on a swim on the Ashton canal in full view of the stadium in an attempt to lure the odd silver fish following my previous two blanks.

Armed only with my trusty Shakespeare Ganza 12ft  telescopic match rod,  a few bits of tackle and the rest of Sundays maggots (now mostly turned to caster) I cast to the middle of the canal and dragged the float back to the nearside trees to my left. It only took a few minutes to tempt my first bite which turned up a stunning little perch.

 After the week I have had this fish was more than welcome. I only stayed a couple of hours but backed up my little stripey with a nice skimmer and a few ounce roach before a boat trundled through the swim nearside churning the bottom up. That was that, not one single bite more.
This swim is really tucked away over landscaped waste land at the back of Cambrian street as you approach the City centre. It also overlooks a fishy looking stretch of the river Medlock. I flung the remainder of my bait over the bridge on to the sandy bottom of the river and watched, hoping to spot some monster Chub moving in on the gourmet offering. It was not to be today, but I bet they are around. A word of warning though, this spot is very isolated and it would be wise not to fish unaccompanied. I would only fish here if travelling light.
So there you have it. Proof if it was ever needed that you dont need to load the car with an array of tackle to catch a few fish, just a few essentials, a good telescopic rod and a little patience can bring you better results in less favourable locations.

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