Fishing the tiny River Medlock and beyond

Fishing the tiny River Medlock and beyond

Sunday, 6 November 2011

River Medlock The Bay Horse, Clayton

After last weekend's frenetic session on the Ribble it was back down to earth, well back to the Medlock to be precise on Wednesday. My gear was still damp and my holdall sodden after the tidal episode, but my enthusiasm was far from dampened. Proud of my efforts the previous weekend I was more determined than ever and had my explorer head on. The first job was to find a new cafe near to the Medlock for a decent breakfast.  Mission accomplished in the Clayton Cafe, the large breakfast comes highly recommended.
Experience has taught me to get a good feed before arriving on the river as the water quality in the Medlock is not to be trusted. Having already experienced an infected finger through cutting myself whilst fishing, I certainly wouldn't chance eating food whilst fishing the Meddy.
Today I had decided to find a new swim and headed upstream down the side of the Bay Horse inn. It didn't take long to find a fishy looking swim, fallen trees, deep hole, smooth glide. I wasn't to be disappointed.  I set up on the tip with a 20g Kamasan black cap maggot feeder, an a sliding rig with a size 18 Kamasan B911 to 0.13 Preston power hooklength. Any slighter hooklength and the big trout will find it's beaking strain. Today was not to be about big trout though, although the first fish was a lovely lean brownie, I went on to catch three nice chub up to 2.5 lb in the first couple of hours before the swim died in true Medlock fashion. Below is a picture of one of them, I will add a photo of all three during the week when I receive a new usb cable for the camera. Forgot to take a memory card.

I made a move downstream,  only after stopping for a sit down in the sunshine for a break, and some refreshment at the Bay Horse, I felt obliged, although I did receive some funny looks sat outside the pub in my waders, with my gear propped against the table.
I moved to a swim that generally throws up a few chub, but only managed two more small trout before the light dipped. Another angler came by though and it was good to chat to somebody else like minded. More importantly he tipped me off that there were perch further up the valley, which has got me thinking.....

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