Fishing the tiny River Medlock and beyond

Fishing the tiny River Medlock and beyond

Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Wryley and Essington canal Pelsall

Took a seventy mile drive south today to finally fish a canal I have been wanting to try for ages, the Wryley and Essington canal in Pelsall.. I took every bait under the sun, and even the sun itself obliged, however the fish did not. This canal looks beautiful and I was convinced I was in for a good day. Unfortunately it wasn't to be, however I did manage a few bits. Tried all over the swim but really couldn't get them going.
Never mind, another part of the world I have seen. I was very tempted to bob in to the pub which overlooks the meadow we were fishing on, but showed great restraint bearing in mind the frustrating fishing. A couple of other anglers came and went, fairing the same , so we decided to call it a day at around two, in good time to get home and changed and into town for the Salford friendly anglers meeting tonight.
I think I have lost my knack on the canals at the moment. Roll on June 16th.

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