Fishing the tiny River Medlock and beyond

Fishing the tiny River Medlock and beyond

Tuesday, 15 March 2011

End of season blues

Sunday saw a last foray to the River Medlock to round off what has proved an inspiring season. Josh and myself headed down to the river early as we both had tickets for the FA cup game at Eastlands (within view of the Medlock) in the afternoon. We still had a good few hours to try and winkle a few last chub out before the end of the season.  After last weeks blank, and a barren first couple of hours I was beginning to think I had lost my touch. The river was high but easily fishable and the rain was pouring all morning. As soon as it stopped raining along came the bites.  After losing a trout each, we finally landed some fish. I finished landing a couple of staple Medlock sized trout and a good few minnow, but had to concede defeat to the better angler on the day, Josh. He managed to bag the biggest of the day, a lovely chub, a trout and even managed to catch a minnow twice the size of any of mine. For a young angler he really is determined, and really capable.
The interesting thing today was that all the fish  (excepting minnow) came from the same tiny swim that we both managed to fish on the maggot feeder. This swim is no wider than 12 feet and at one point you can touch the far bank with a rod. Just goes to show that you never know what is lurking.
So that was the end of the river season and with all best intentions to fish many different rivers, I ended up spending most of my time on the local stream. Next Sunday sees me out on the canals and I aim to visit the local cut, the Ashton canal for my first outing. This place is also little known outside of the local area but really produces some intriguing catches.
One season ends as another is still in full swing and the afternoon saw us at Eastlands for the FA cup quarter final, City v Reading, for what turned out to be a successful conclusion to the day. A trip to Wembley ensured against our poor neighbours from Trafford. In June I am determined to bank a chub from the river in view of Eastlands. There are some great looking spots around Beswick and Ancoats and I will have a few more evenings spare. I also intend to devote some quality time to the Irwell and the Tame, two rivers that I have fished on a number of occasions  and caught plenty of fish, but no fish of note. Three months to plan my attack, but in the meanwhile plenty of canal action and footy to keep me occupied.

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